Introducing Facial Flex® and its brand ambassador

Rosemary Conley CBE is not only brand ambassador for Facial-Flex® but such is her advocacy of the clinically proven facial toning device, she is its sole distributor in the UK.

Best known and well loved for her devotion to educating and inspiring the nation to diet and keep fit, she has sold 5 million books, made 30 fitness videos, had her own TV shows, as well as her own diet and fitness clubs around the UK.

Facial-Flex® really works

Rosemary is passionately enthusiastic about Facial-Flex® because she has seen the results for herself.

I started using Facial-Flex® 18 years ago and within a month I could see a huge difference. I haven’t stopped using it since. In fact, I am more likely to forget to brush my teeth than I am to forget to use my Facial-Flex®,” she says.

Lips do get thinner as one gets older and the face loses its collagen. At this point, ladies usually reach for expensive face creams and I would certainly advocate keeping the skin moisturised but this isn’t going to save the structure of your face. There is another solution to improving physical appearance.

Just like all the other muscles in our body, exercise makes the facial muscles stronger and bigger, filling out your face, giving you some definition around your mouth, plumping up your lips and filling in the fine lines and wrinkles. Facial-Flex® works thirty muscles in your face, neck and chest and if you use it twice a day for two minutes, you will notice the results as quickly as a month,” she adds.

Facial-Flex® dubbed the ‘non-surgical face lift

Facial-Flex® was developed in the early 1990s as a prosthetic training aid for facial burn victims as well as being subsequently used for speech therapy and swallowing disorders and latterly has been tested in the field of facial cosmetics to improve skin, muscle tone and physical appearance. Its results have been so successful, Facial-Flex® has been referred to as the ‘non-surgical face lift’ and Rosemary agrees.

Clinical trials in 1994, published in the Journal of Geriatric Dermatology confirmed that during an eight-week period, there was a 250% increase in muscle strength. The results are staggeringly good and it really works.

It is never too late to start using Facial-Flex® – in the same way that it is never too late to start exercising. If you do, you are laying the foundations for strong muscles, putting the building blocks in place to enhance the structure of your face and prevent the caving in, in later years. You can really limit the damage and I would advocate starting to use the device in your 40s – and never stop.”

Rosemary’s top tip for faster results

Rosemary uses her Facial-Flex® as part of her morning and bedtime routine – progressing quickly to using two of the No.3 bands to increase the resistance – this she says is the key to achieving the fastest results.