Welcome to Facial-Flex®

I’m Rosemary Conley and in January 2018 I took over the UK distributorship for Facial-Flex® through our new company Facial Toning Solutions Ltd.

I have had the pleasure of meeting with lots of women to discuss the many benefits of Facial-Flex®. There has also been interest from different quarters which has been somewhat surprising. What fascinates me is that women as young as 40 are really keen to buy a device as they so desperately want to hold back the years. And why not?

I was very interested when approached by a Cosmetic Surgeon. She was very pleased to be able to recommend Facial-Flex® to her patients on the basis that once someone has had cosmetic facial surgery, it is important that they maintain their new facial contours and doing facial exercises is a perfect way to do that. And then there was the order from a Music Shop. They needed to replenish their stocks for their wind instrument customers – musicians who played clarinet, flute and trumpet – as it works well in strengthening their mouths!

There is no doubt that Facial-Flex® is an amazing product. Not only does it strengthen the muscles of the face, chin, neck and chest, the increased blood flow to the skin caused by repetitive exercise significantly enhances the healthy appearance of the skin making it firmer and with a more youthful texture and appearance.

As with all forms of exercise, it is regularity of practise that makes all the difference and using your Facial-Flex® every day, twice a day, obviously will bring best results. Couple this with changing your band weekly and you will be fast-tracking your progress and enjoying maximum benefits. The key to daily practise is keeping your Facial-Flex® somewhere handy. I keep mine in the drawer with all my hair kit and use it while I style my hair but I have a friend who uses her device whilst driving to and from work so she keeps hers in her car. It is all about getting into the habit and not forgetting to use it.

I hope you are enjoying using your Facial-Flex® and that you are already seeing benefits in your facial appearance.

Until next time,