Facial-Flex® – The Telegraph’s Lisa Armstrong gets an ‘Audrey Jaw’

This weekend, we were thrilled to see how much The Telegraph’s head of fashion Lisa Armstrong enjoyed using the Facial-Flex®.

In her column on Saturday, Lisa announced to her readers that she ‘has news for those whose jaws have been going where jaws will go (southwards): you can walk away from the facelift’.

Attesting that the Facial-Flex® is ‘utterly brilliant’, Lisa reviewed the facial toning exercise device and ‘suffice to say all 30 [muscle] groups will be gratifyingly achy’.

‘It’s so simple and effective I’m annoyed that I didn’t think of it myself’

‘I’ve seen a notable difference on my jaw, too’

And in a post on her Instagram account, Lisa also told her 36,700 followers:

“The more I get bombarded with emails about “anti” ageing cosmetic surgeries, the more I’m coming to the conclusion that wrinkles and lines really aren’t the issue here. I actually love the look of them (ok, needs must). It’s sag and droop that I’m not crazy about. I got sent this little device called Facial-Flex to try out and – well it’s not glamorous or pretty. But it’s small and cheap and you pop it in your mouth for a couple of minutes twice a day and do what amounts to a bit of resistance training (aka smiling and not smiling with the FF between your lips) Et voila, an Audrey Jaw. Sort of. We’re working with reality here, but this little contraption apparently works 30 separate muscles in your lower face and neck – you can feel the burn -and noticeably improves definition and lift. For the full explanation, there’s a link in my stories and a pic of it on the 2nd page here for those who like the nitty gritty.”

The Facial-Flex® is doing an enormous amount to help women, and men, to hold back the signs of ageing – naturally.

To get your own ‘Audrey Jaw’, order your Facial-Flex® toning device from our online shop.