New year, new jawline!

Facial-Flex® ambassador Rosemary Conley CBE shares her new year’s tips on how to get the perfect jawline in 2020…

“It’s a new decade, which means it’s time for a new face! No, I’m not suggesting surgery or even fillers, just straightforward facial exercise made easy, to help you look years younger than you really are.

Every January, lots of folk join a gym with great intentions of toning up their body and looking fabulous for their summer holidays. If they stick with it, they will look so much better, but just imagine if you could also tone up your face and look younger by the time you go away! It’s so easy to do and it doesn’t take long – just two minutes, twice a day, every day – and you can do it all in the comfort of your own home.

Facial-Flex® is a simple face-lifting gadget that creates remarkable results and it’s clinically proven too. In a clinical trial it was proven that when Facial-Flex® was used daily, and the central resistance band was changed every week, facial muscle strength increased by 250% in just eight weeks.

Facial-Flex® device and packaging

It is so easy to use too. Simply place the device between the corners of your mouth, squeezing and releasing it, 30 muscle groups around the face, neck, chin and chest area are set into action strengthening and helping the whole facial area to ‘lift’. Result? You will look much younger in just a few weeks.

Our model demonstrates Facial-Flex® 

We have muscles all over our body and if we don’t use them or challenge them in activity, they become smaller and weaker. Thankfully, no matter what our age, our muscles react positively to being challenged to work harder. For example, when we use a toning band this results in our muscles becoming stronger and larger. This is exactly what happens when we exercise our facial muscles with Facial-Flex®.

By challenging and enlarging our facial muscles we can counter signs of ageing by, in effect, strengthening the scaffolding of our face. Droopy jaws can be lifted, double chins tightened up and cheekbones enhanced by simply using our Facial-Flex® every day.

Facial-Flex® device and packaging

I have been using Facial-Flex® for 20 years and I am still using my original gadget. I just renew the little band in the centre of the device very regularly to make sure I enjoy maximum effectiveness. Due to using the device for so long, I use two of the strongest, No.3 bands to give my face the best possible workout. I flex when I am doing my hair each morning, so I feel it takes no time at all.

So, if you want to look your absolute best when you go on holiday this year, try getting into the Facial-Flex® must-do habit for every day – and then you will see the difference. A real difference.”

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