“I’ve used my Facial Flex every day for over twenty-five years, and now in my 70s it keeps my face firm and toned. I wouldn’t be without it”

Rosemary Conley CBE is one of the UK’s most successful diet and fitness experts with over 50 years’ experience in helping people to lose weight and get fitter.

How it works


Facial Flex works by challenging the facial muscles by following the principles of ‘progressive resistance’. This is similar to the way you might do a body strength workout using weights at a gym.

The recommended ‘facial workout’ consists of just two minutes twice a day, every day. You work your facial muscles by contracting and releasing the device, squeezing against the resistance band. The device works 30 sets of muscles, from just below your eyes to the top of your chest. As your muscles get stronger, increase the strength of the changeable resistance band.

Each Facial-Flex is supplied ready to use with 15 x No.1 Standard (6oz) Flex-bands and 15 x No. 2 Strong (8oz) Flex-bands and full instructions.

The device is 7.5 cm (3″) between mouthpieces at full extension
5.5cm (2″) fully compressed

Rosemary Conley explains why she wouldn’t be without her Facial Flex

User Reviews and Testimonials

Denise Downes

“After a month I definitely noticed a difference. My jawline seems firmer – but it’s my lips that seem to show the most noticeable difference. They seem so much fuller, much like they were 20 years ago! I’ll definitely carry on using the Facial‑Flex and would absolutely recommend it.”

Lynne Pounder

“I can really see the difference now my face and neck have toned up. It’s tightened around my jawline, chin and neck. My ‘sagging bits’ are more toned and my face has more shape. I’d recommend this gadget to anyone.”