Facial Flex Reviews

Hear about the experiences of our trialists

Facial Flex reviews from some of the ladies who took part in our trial in 2018 including their “before” and “after” photos.

Facial Flex Reviews – Denise Downes

“After a month I definitely noticed a difference. My jawline seems firmer – but it’s my lips that seem to show the most noticeable difference. They seem so much fuller, much like they were 20 years ago! I’ll definitely carry on using the Facial‑Flex and would absolutely recommend it.”

Facial Flex Reviews – Lynne Pounder

“I can really see the difference now my face and neck have toned up. It’s tightened around my jawline, chin and neck. My ‘sagging bits’ are more toned and my face has more shape. I’d recommend this gadget to anyone.”

Facial Flex Reviews – Jackie Allen

“My muscles around my mouth have become stronger and fuller and my jaw-line has certainly lifted. My neck feels tighter and looks better and the lines on my top lip are fading. I feel more confident in my appearance – my face has actually lifted and my jaw-line has changed. It feels much firmer.”

Facial Flex Reviews – Pat Steane

“I feel wonderful! I’ve received lots of positive comments from friends who have asked me what I’m doing so I’ve told them all about my fantastic gadget. My jawline is firmer and my lips are less lined and look fuller. The benefits are fantastic and I already look at least five years younger!”