The Facial Flex Story

How it all began

About Facial Flex – The story began with an American plastic surgeon who was treating patients who had suffered facial burns. His task was to reconstruct their facial tissue and skin with the aid of skin-grafts. Having reconstructed their faces, he realised that the damage they had suffered had affected their facial muscles as well as their skin. He needed to find something to help them exercise those muscles. If he could, this would increase the blood flow and gently help to rebuild their facial structure.

The surgeon set about designing a device to do the job and he created a device with two sliding parts with a small rubber band in the centre. It had specially designed ‘butts’ at either end that would fit neatly into the corners of the user’s mouth. The patient would squeeze the device with their mouth and as the band in the centre expanded it would exert gentle pressure. It worked brilliantly as it gave their muscles something to push against. But what happened next was a real surprise!

The patients not only found their faces were able to move more easily but that the muscles around their jowls, chin, neck and chest all tightened up too! They started looking younger! It didn’t take long before the surgeon realised that he had invented a very effective anti-ageing device. The next thing was to undertake a clinical trial to prove its effectiveness.

About Facial Flex – The Clinical Trials

Under clinical conditions volunteers were asked to use the gadget with a single band attached to the centre of the device for two minutes twice a day. After compressing and releasing the device as instructed for the required time every day, the results were measured. In the 15 weeks of the trial their facial muscle strength had increased by 75%! Soon the device went into production for sale to the beauty market.

A year later, another trial was held but this time the volunteers were told to change the band in the centre of the device every week – and not to wait until it snapped. This, of course, meant that the full strength of the resistance band was maintained so the face worked harder as it exercised. The results were astonishing. Their facial muscle strength had increased by a remarkable 250% in just 8 weeks – almost half the duration of the initial trial!


Beauty uses

Soon Facial-Flex was launched as a clinically proven anti-ageing facial exercise device. The device was declared safe and effective as a beauty product by the American Food and Drug Administration and since 1989 over 1 million Facial-Flex units have been sold as a face, chin and neck exerciser.


Medical uses

In addition to the anti-ageing market, and its original purpose of rehabilitating burns victims, Facial-Flex has been used to help patients with a multitude of other medical, speech and language disorders. These include facial nerve disorders, strokes, MS, ALS, auto-immune neuromuscular disease, surgical trauma, Bell’s palsy and other chronic debilitating facial disorders. It has also been used in dental/TMD/TMJ rehabilitation.

About Facial Flex – Where to Buy it in the UK and Europe

Diet and Fitness guru Rosemary Conley CBE was first sent a Facial-Flex by the European distributor in the late 1990s. She started using it regularly in 1999 and it has been part of her daily routine ever since. Originally selling it through her chain of Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness classes, in 2018, she took over the European distribution. She now imports the device directly from the manufacturer in America to sell on and her own website and also on Amazon and Ebay across Europe.

About Facial Flex – How it works

About Facial Flex – Who’s Flexing?

By using Facial-Flex regularly, and by using the strongest resistance band you can, you will gain maximum benefit. As a result your face will become firmer and look more youthful. The benefits of improving your facial tone, getting a more defined facial contour, fuller lips, lifted cheeks and jowls, plus improved definition of the cheekbones and a reduced double chin, will normally start to be seen in around 8 – 12 weeks. By using Facial‑Flex you will also help to firm up your neck and décolletage. An added benefit is that by using the device regularly you will stimulate your blood circulation around your face which improves your skin texture and elasticity.

We exercise our body muscles, so why not work our facial muscles? Facial‑Flex trains a fine and intricate network of 30 different muscles, from below the eyes to the upper part of the chest.

Brass and woodwind instrumentalists swear by Facial-Flex as the effective method of improving the strength of the orbicular muscles around the mouth. It helps to build endurance, power, and range. This facial exerciser also helps develop the embouchure.

Facial‑Flex was originally developed as a treatment method for microstomia. Microstomia is a severe constriction of the orbicularis oris muscle (the muscle surrounding the mouth) caused by deep facial burns. However, the potential for broader applications as a facial rehabilitation device was quickly recognised. Facial-Flex is also used as a medical product for various facial care and rehabilitation needs. It has been used to help patients with a multitude of speech and language disorders. These include facial nerve disorders, strokes, MS, ALS, auto-immune neuromuscular disease, and surgical trauma. Also, Bell’s palsy and other chronic debilitating facial disorders. It has also been used in Dental/TMD/TMJ rehabilitation. Please consult your doctor or dental specialist to assess the suitability of Facial‑Flex for the treatment of any medical/dental conditions before you start using it.