Why do we leave out our face when exercising our bodies?

When it comes to exercise and toning our bodies, very often we don’t consider including facial exercises and many of us are therefore missing the benefits that come with it.

Facial-Flex® UK brand ambassador Rosemary Conley CBE, urges women across the country to include facial exercises in their regular exercise regime and says it is equally important to exercise the muscles in our face if we want to hold back the effects of ageing.

Do exercises for the face really work?

Facial exercises are not only great for improving muscle strength but can also boost blood circulation and help to reduce sagging jawlines and double chins. It has been clinically proven that using dynamic resistance-based training, increases muscle strength in the face, neck and chin.

Can facial exercises tighten the skin?

Muscles in your face form a foundation, the scaffolding, for your skin. Facial exercises improve the muscle tone making the muscles bigger, therefore resulting in tighter skin.

Rosemary Conley says: “Whilst anti-ageing creams have their place, in helping to delay the signs of ageing and reduce wrinkles, there is only so much they can do. We all know that it is really important to keep the skin hydrated but the best thing you can do to improve the signs of advancing years is by exercising the facial muscles by using a gadget such as the Facial-Flex®. The 100% natural, non-invasive device works over 30 muscle groups, increasing muscle strength and skin tone, and has been clinically proven to increase facial muscle tone by 250% in eight weeks if used for just two minutes twice a day.”

How can I naturally lift my face?

The key to a natural face lift is to exercise your face regularly for an extended period of time. There are no shortcuts or quick fixes.

The Facial-Flex® is a much more practical alternative to undergoing surgery. The benefit of using the device is that it can give the appearance of a facelift and is a 100% natural. Rather than superficially changing the surface of the skin, it targets the muscles themselves and gives your face a work out, strengthening the muscles and plumping up the wrinkles.

Should I be exercising my face?

“Absolutely. I have been using the Facial-Flex® device for the past 18 years, two minutes, twice a day, every day. I noticed huge improvements after trialling the product and have been trying to spread the word ever since.” says Rosemary Conley.

Rosemary uses her Facial-Flex® as part of her morning and bedtime routine – progressing quickly to two of the No.3 bands to increase the resistance – this she says, is the key to achieving the fastest results.

The Facial-Flex® device comes complete with two sets of latex-free resistance bands and is £46.99. The Facial-Flex® Fast Track Pack is also available, which includes an eight-week tutorial DVD and a year’s supply of bands including No 3 flex-bands with 16oz resistance, making them even more effective.

To order the Facial-Flex, visit the shop section of the website.