Top tips for facial exercises you can do at home

We all want to look our best in the run up to Christmas, but often struggle to find the time to exercise. We all know how to keep our bodies looking trim, but what about exercising our faces?

Facial-Flex® is a great little gadget that can transform the contours of your face, chin, neck and décolletage in a matter of weeks. The device is easy to fit into your daily routine as it’s used for just two minutes, twice a day. Clinically and medically approved, Facial-Flex® tones up to 30 muscle groups from below the eyes down to just above the chest.  

Having used the device myself for almost 20 years, I am a real fan. Now in my early 70s it is very much part of my daily routine and I want to do everything I can for other women to really feel and see the benefits in their faces. 

The Facial-Flex® is a non-invasive alternative to cosmetic surgery that will markedly improve the firmness of your face and rejuvenate your look.

How to tone your face at home using the Facial-Flex®

  1. Ensure that the resistance band of your Facial-Flex® is securely positioned in the middle of the device. Look at yourself in a mirror, holding your head straight.
  2. Place the device between the corners of the mouth and squeeze and release it in a smooth rhythm for two minutes. The small non-latex band in the centre of the device expands as you squeeze, whilst offering dynamic resistance, which strengthens your facial muscles.
  3. Repeat in a smooth and gentle rhythm every day for two minutes, morning and evening, aiming to achieve around 120 contractions.
  4. As your facial muscles become stronger you can progress your workout by increasing the strength of the band. There are three band strengths and the key is to progress to the strongest one for the fastest and best results – ideally within a few weeks. When you are ready, you can double up the bands.
  5. Try to make it so tough that you can hardly move your mouth into the pucker position. You should only be able to move your mouth between 1-2cm, which is ideal.
Top tips for facial exercises at home
Rosemary Conley CBE

The Facial-Flex® device comes complete with two sets of latex-free resistance bands and is £46.99. The Facial-Flex® Fast Track Pack is also available, which includes an eight-week tutorial DVD and a year’s supply of bands including No 3 Flex-bands with 16oz resistance, making them even more effective.

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