Rosemary Conley CBE’s top 5 self-care tips

When we lead a very busy life it’s essential for our general wellbeing that we look after ourselves – and it needn’t take as long as you might think. Having a little ‘me’ time isn’t self-indulgent, it’s an investment into you and everyone around you will benefit too. The better we feel about ourselves, the better our mood and the more effective we are at work, home and play.

The following simple tips and ideas are easy to incorporate into our daily routine and help us to feel better about ourselves every day.

Get physical

We all know we feel better if we exercise regularly because it is great for our mind as well as our muscles and it sets us up for the day. Doing 20 ab-curls or holding the plank for 30 seconds really works in flattening our stomach and daily exercise for our face works wonders too. I have been using Facial-Flex® for almost 20 years and it really works. This pocket-sized device transforms the contours of our face, chin and neck in a matter of weeks and it only takes two minutes morning and night.

Our model demonstrates Facial-Flex® 

This medically approved gadget that is clinically proven, tones 30 facial muscle groups with each contraction. Just place the device in the corners of the mouth and squeeze. The dynamic resistance is provided by the tiny latex-free bands in the centre of the device, increasing muscle strength and skin tone as well as boosting blood circulation. The result: improved facial contour and the reduction of a sagging jawline and double chin.


We need a few minutes every day to find some peace and quiet to help us de-stress and relax. Not always easy with all that’s going on in our lives but it is important.  

Relaxing with a book or watching an inspirational TV programme helps us to switch off. Going for a walk or a run, attending a yoga or aerobics class, all help us to clear our thoughts and relax our minds and this has a positive impact on our physical, as well as our emotional, wellbeing.

A few minutes relaxation each night can improve our sleeping patterns too.

Writing it down!

Whether it’s in a diary or a journal, having somewhere that we can make a few notes is really therapeutic. Nice things people say to us, noting down important happenings of the day, reminders…it doesn’t matter what. This can be particularly helpful if ever we are going through a tough time. Just writing down how we feel can really help us to off load. It allows our brain to relax and ‘let it go’.   Why not write down some thoughts before bedtime? This way we can release everything, and hopefully help ourselves to enjoy an undisturbed night’s sleep ready for a new day tomorrow.

Planning is key

Being organised is one of the most effective ways to avoid unnecessary stress.

Creating to-do lists really works for me, not only to help me to not forget things I need to do but I have often made lists of goals to achieve. It is massively motivating when I tick them off! And a shopping list completed gives us a sense of peace that we really have bought everything we needed.


We socialise in different ways. It can be with friends or family, with work pals or in a social group such as a walking or running club or a fitness or hobbies class, but whichever we choose, relaxing with others is definitely good for us. The key is to find the social group where we can be ourselves and relax and enjoy the company of those around us.

The Facial-Flex® device comes complete with two sets of latex-free resistance bands and is £46.99. The Facial-Flex® Fast Track Pack is also available, which includes an eight-week tutorial DVD and a year’s supply of bands including No 3 Flex-bands with 16oz resistance, making them even more effective.

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