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FACIAL FLEX Facial Exerciser is the first and only progressive resistance based exercise device clinically proven to develop face toning, reduce wrinkles and offer facial rejuvenation. You exercise to stay healthy, strong and youthful. Now, just like your body muscles, your facial muscles can be significantly strengthened and improved by exercise and resistance based training.

FACIAL FLEX applies resistance to the 30 muscle groups that support your face, chin and neck-allowing you to TRIM, TONE, and TIGHTEN to look terrific!

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FACIAL FLEX Facial Exerciser is the clinically proven facial toning device to enable you to trim, tone and tighten your face, chin and neck for a younger look. FACIAL FLEX will transform the contours of your face by strengthening and toning 30 muscle groups.

How it works

  • FACIAL FLEX is clinically proven and 100% natural. Using FACIAL FLEX lifts and tightens the skin and muscles of the face making you look younger. Exercising with the device for two minutes twice a day works all the muscles from your cheekbones down to your chest resulting in increased blood flow and muscle strength. This effectively lifts, tones and firms the contours of your facial area keeping the texture of your skin more youthful. In the clinical trials facial muscle strength increased by 250% after just eight weeks of regular use.
  • For best results you should use the device for two minutes, twice a day, every day. You should swap the resistance band for a stronger one as soon as you feel able because by increasing the resistance you will find the device much more effective. In the clinical trials, renewing the band every week achieved the best results.

What is the principle behind the Facial Flex Facial Exerciser?

  • Facial Flex works by challenging the facial muscles by following the principles of ‘progressive resistance.’ Using the device you can workout your face just as you would workout the rest of your body at the gym. For each ‘facial training workout’ you just need to spend two minutes twice a day contracting and releasing the device using the muscles around your mouth. The resistance comes from the rubber resistance band you hook onto the device and this stretches as you squeeze the device between two corners of your mouth. As your muscles become stronger you should use a stronger resistance band.

Is it safe?

  • Facial Flex is 100% natural and safe. A maxillo-facial (plastic) surgeon who was treating patients with facial skin grafts designed the device to work the facial muscles of his patients and keep their skin moving. It is made from surgical-grade stainless steel and nylon, and fitted with a rubber band to provide the resistance. It uses no batteries or other power source – just your muscle power.

You should Consult Your Doctor or Dentist Before using Facial Flex if:

  • You have recently had facial, chin or neck surgery, injuries or deficiencies or suffer Temporomandibular Joint / Muscle Dysfunction (TMJ)
  • You have had recent dental or orthodontic work
  • You are under a physician’s care for any facial condition or disability
  • You have any abnormal facial condition

How do we ship your FACIAL FLEX?

  • The FACIAL FLEX device comes with 15 No.1 Standard (6oz) Flex-bands and 15 No. 2 Strong (8oz) Flex-bands.
  • You can order more bands at any time including the No.3 Extra-strong (16oz) Flex-bands.
  • We post FACIAL FLEX straight to you by Royal Mail 1st Class. It comes in a small jiffy-bag which will usually fit through a standard letter box.
  • Please note that for hygiene reasons this product is exempt from the standard returns policy. Once you have opened the shrink wrap seal we can only accept the device back if it is faulty. Nobody wants a second-hand used Facial Flex!
  • Please refer to the terms of the warranty set out in the instruction leaflet.

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