No.2 (8oz) Strong Flex-Bands (Pack of 15 Latex-free bands)


Packet of 15 bands to be used in conjunction with FACIAL FLEX.

No.2 Strong (8oz) Flex-Bands are perfect for continuing your FACIAL FLEX journey once you have mastered the technique with a No. 1 band.

These stronger bands will help you to strengthen and tone up your facial muscles using more resistance.

They can also be used in combination with other bands to increase the resistance further in accordance with the table included in the FACIAL FLEX instruction leaflet.

For maximum results change the band on your FACIAL FLEX every week and progress to a stronger band as soon as you are able.

Please note the Flex-Bands are exempt from our refund policy due to hygiene reasons.

These Flex-Bands are LATEX FREE.

Orders are dispatched by Royal Mail 1st Class post.

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No.2 Facial Flex Bands provide strong resistance for the Facial Flex Facial Exerciser.

These No.2 Facial Flex Bands are 8oz Strong and are latex-free. They come in packs of 15. We recommend you change the band every week to gain maximum benefit from the daily use of your Facial-Flex.

Use Maximum Resistance

It is important to use the strongest resistance band (or combination of two bands) that you can. It is the action of pushing against the resistance that builds muscles under the skin. Don’t worry if this means you can only compress the device a small distance. It doesn’t matter if you cannot compress it the whole way. It is the action of pushing against the resistance that builds the muscles. If you are using a band that is too weak you will be able to make the movement quickly and frequently but without building your muscles underneath

Follow the table in the instruction leaflet that shows you how to combine the 3 different band strengths to progress the resistance you are using. Ultimately, you could use up to two No. 3 bands at the same time giving a total resistance of 32oz.

Delivery and Returns

We post orders for Facial Flex Bands by Royal Mail 1st Class. They are posted as a large letter as the C5 envelope can be thicker than a standard letter and we would not want you to have to pay a surcharge if the postage was underpaid. The package fits through a standard letter box.

Please note that for hygiene reasons, as this is a product you put in your mouth,  this product is exempt from the standard returns policy. Packets of Facial Flex Bands can only be returned if found to be faulty.

Need a Facial Flex?

If you do not already have a Facial Flex Facial Exerciser you can buy one from our shop by clicking here.

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